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Seven Guiding Principles of an Effective Crisis Management Program:  We will guide you and your team through these important success factors: (1) ensure consistent leadership of your program - - communicate regularly, (2) give ownership - - determine who is on point to coordinate effort and then involve all divisions at the right level and frequency, (3) recognize your business risk - - catastrophes will affect everyone: your operations, suppliers, customers, partners, governmental resources, emergency services, health care, utilities, and more, then formally address and manage the anticipated risks, (4) senior management must approve the enterprise-wide prioritization of risks and response strategies, (5) prepare through redundancy - - map your business model, highlight key revenue processes, develop alternate resources, establish mutual aid agreements, set aside emergency funds, build relationships, establish clear communication channels, and update regularly, (6) gain confidence through practice - - knowledge and familiarity will reduce fear and confusion, and tabletop exercises are critical to process, and (7) keep it simple - - simplicity promotes better understanding and greater participation.

On-Site Walks and Inspections

We will come to you and perform a thorough assessment of your business structures or commercial properties, followed by a comprehensive report detailing perceived risk, vulnerabilities and gaps, and curative solutions.  Call today for a free on-phone consultation.

Workplace Defensive Techniques


Let the bad guys know ... they've come to the wrong business!

Learn how to best prepare your staff to defend themselves against a violent attacker.  Seriously, unless you've got an armed militia surrounding your business, you'll need a plan on how to prevent or defeat an armed attacker who enters your workplace.  As a business leader, you are responsible for the safety of your employees and you must do your best to effectively prevent or help minimize the loss of life.  For the plain sake of survival, consider going beyond the "run, hide and fight" scenario and empower your employees to defend themselves.  A company should never hinder its employees from defending themselves against an intruding random mass murderer, nor create an environment that promotes defenselessness against an attacker.  Learn how to train and enable your employees to defend their workplace against harmful intruders.

Let's talk, and you will learn ways to (1) protect your people, (2) preserve core business functions and resources engaged in revenue generation, (3) rationalize security and continuity coverage, and (4) reduce your risk exposure.  We offer basic guidance to help resolve that troubling issue of just how much "investment" does it take to be safe and secure.  We offer full-service consulting, implementation management and on-site training.   

Personal Defensive Measures


Come Train with Us ...

Did you know ... with even a small amount of training and practice, your immediate self-defense response can be performed without conscious effort when your life depends on it the most.  Just a little practice may be enough to induce brain processes that continue to develop even after the training has stopped!  Muscle memory encoding (that which happens when you practice and repeat a self-defense maneuver) gives you a faster life-saving response if you are attacked.  Remember, your body is wired to either fight, flight or freeze (do nothing, if you didn't practice).  Your ability to quickly respond in self-defense will depend solely upon your training.  "No training" begets a "no reflex" response.  

Fact - If you are physically assaulted, your ability to rationally think your way through a self-defense measure will be hampered by the side effects of adrenaline.  While adrenaline rewards you with a temporary boost of super powers, it also reduces your ability to think clearly, move with purpose and severely diminishes your fine motor skills.  Learn how to use adrenaline in your favor!